Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting Started
Hi! This is Christy. Starting a blog is always the hardest part. Once you get going, it starts to flow. Mom is having a tough time getting started so I thought I would take the fear out of it by posting her first blog for her!
This is going to be a family blog to tell all about what the core Reese family is up too. Dad has been working hard, and studying hard. I am going to let Mom blog about what he is studying for. Go Dad!
Mom just got back from visiting Grandma Sheppard for a week and I know she can't wait to share her experience with you!
Peter spent the week with us and he was busy! He cleaned out our whole garage and organized it so that all the bikes fit and there is still room for Ben to use his exercise machine. Way to go Peter. Plus he was a life savor that week because of all my car troubles. He was a great chauffeur! Thanks for all your help Peter!
Hopefully this will be enough to get Mom's creative juices flowing and she can entertain you with the highlights of the Reese Family Blog!