Saturday, May 4, 2013

We've Moved!!!

Dear Family and Friends - we have recieved a call to serve in the Armenia Yerevan Mission (again!) as the office couple.  I have started a new blog and will no longer be posting here.  Please visit us at:

Let me repeat - we are now at

We have been here 1 week and we are really learning a lot!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Home at last!

After being up for 50 hours we finally made it to the Sacramento airport.  This is what we saw as we came down the escalator - what a glorious sight!!!  We hugged and cried and laughed with joy - so good to be home with family and friends.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


We drove to Yerevan where we had an interview with Pres. and Sister Carter.  They thanked us for all we had done and we talked about our mission.  Then Pres. Carter gave each of us a blessing - it was a teary time.  Then we went to dinner with the other missionaries that were going home.  We started with a little Christmas celebration with the Elders  
AND the Sisters!

 Then we went to the Eyre's apartment where we had a little party with the other senior couples - Eyres, Reeses, Stones and Readings.  Ruben was picking us up at 2:30 am - so we really thought there was no point in going to sleep.  We played Jenga and talked with the Eyres!
We said our goodbyes at the airport and headed out.  Here is Ruben and Elder Reese eating the last 2 chocolate chip cookies.  They were waiting at the airport to pick up the 14 new missionaries that were coming in on the plane that we were leaving on - and so it goes!

Time to go

On Monday we had our bags all packed and ready to go.
 Alexandria came over to say goodbye and I gave her the journal that we had put some pictures in.
We then went to the Pratts apartment to meet the Loveridges who are going to stay in Tbilisi because the Pratts went back to Canada for a medical emergency.  We showed them around Ortachella.  Then we got together with the Eyres and we went on a McDonalds progressive dinner.  Tbilisi has 4 McD's and Yerevan has none - so we went to each of them.  We had salad at the first, chicken nuggets at the second, hamburger and fries at the third and ice cream at the last.  Ruben met us there and we drove slowly down Rustavelli to see all the Christmas lights.
Ruben picked us up at 7:30 Tuesday morning ( Alexandria was there!) and when we went to get the other Elders we found ALL our missionaries had come to say goodbye - OK - this is where we lost it.  It was really hard to go!

We served with the BEST missionaries - the STARS of the mission as Pres. Reese always called them.  We have been truly blessed.

Last Sunday

It was our last Sunday in Georgia.  Elder Reese, Elder Steggell, Elder Offutt and I spoke.  After the meeting Zurra took pictures of the group and then went across the street and made copies for everyone.  He is a great advocate for the church in Rustavi.  He drives a marshutka and is always happy.

This was the group shot.

It was a sad time for all of us - it's hard to leave Rustavi and all our friends there.  It has been a unique experience to have church in our apartment!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


This is what we saw out our window this morning!  We were really hoping that the snow would hold off till after we left.  I guess it's fitting - we woke up to the first big snow fall almost 2 years ago on our first day in Georgia.

Christmas Party

Saturday was the Avlabari Branch Christmas party.  I think they had it early so that all the members could spend one last day with us.  Elder Offutt came in his full Georgian costume and everyone wanted to have their picture taken with him!  Elder Offutt and Elder Steggell will also be going home.
We visited for the first hour while the primary was getting ready for the nativity program and the Relief Society was getting the food ready in the kitchen.  Here is the final shot of Mary, Joseph, the Star, Angel and 3 wise men. 
 Two of our Elders were the Shepherds and then they all sang Silent Night.  The program went well - love to see the Primary kids!
 There was a great turn out and we got to say goodbye to so many good friends.  Of course there's Mzia our interpreter.
 and the Pratts.  I know we've only been with them for 4 months - but we feel like we've known them all our lives!
There were many other people there and we are so thankful that we had these 2 years to become friends with so many wonderful people.  THANK YOU for having the party before we left.  At the end we passed out Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - most had never tasted them before.