Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This is our front door.  The other night we were reading in the living room when there was a knock at the door - were we expecting anyone?  No?  I peeked through the peephole and saw a man with his little boy.  I opened the door and he said in English "Key  in the door" and headed up the stairs.  Sure enough - there was our key in the door.  We are lucky to have good neighbors who watch out for the strange Americans!  Elder Reese opened the door and then let me in first and just walked in behind me without getting the key out!!!  It was funny!

let there be light!

The hallway of our new apartment is really dark at night.  We asked our landlord to put in a hall light for us - the wires were already there.  He assured us it would be done the next day - that was over 2 weeks ago.  So Elder Reese found a light bulb and put it in himself!  What a handyman!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Branch Adventure

The Elders and Relief Society planned a Branch Activity.  We gathered at the building and waited for awhile.  This was a good time to visit.
 Then 2 marshutkas came and we loaded in for a ride to our favorite tourist attraction.
 Stonehenge!!!  Most of the members had never been here.
 They really enjoyed looking around and seeing the huge depictions of the life of Christ.  The kids really had fun running around.
 Then we headed back to the Church where the BBQ was going.  The Relief Society put on a fabulous dinner and everyone had a great time!
 This was my best picture of the day.  These are 5 of my favorite ladies waiting for dinner.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rustavi at last!

It was decided that the Pratts would live in Tbilisi and we would move to Rustavi.  We really like the cute little apartment in Rustavi - so we were very happy to move.  It is used as the Church Building, so we have to share.  It has been nicely decorated and we especially appreciate the air conditioner!
 This is the hallway from the front door - there are cupboards, shelves and closets along the right side where the missionaries keep their pamphlets and books.
 First door to the left is the living room / chapel / lesson / English class room.  The navy blue leather couches are very comfortable.
Further down the hall and to the left is the kitchen - notice the washing machine, water purifier and my microwave!
 Down the hall to the right is the bedroom - love the curtains!  The window overlooks the main street going through town.
On the other side of the kitchen and living room is a long narrow study/office/dining room.  Notice the podium front right corner.  The bathroom is really nice and modern all done in greys and blacks.  We have settled in happily here - it's a lot smaller than our last apartment. (bigger than the trailer!)  Elder Reese is still President of the Branch, so he has to travel the 30 minute marshutka into Tbilisi to handle any Branch business.  It seems like we've spent a lot of days in Tbilisi - but hope to cut back as we turn more responsibilities over to the Pratts.

Keti and George

One of my favorite responsibilities here is to help prepare the young men and women who go on missions from our Branch.  For the last 8-9 months we have been filling out the paper work, going to doctors and dentists, teaching English, shopping, interviewing and encouraging Keti and George (brother and sister) in preperation for their missions.  They are going to the London and Birmingham England missions.  On Aug. 29th they were set apart and then they left early the next morning.
Here we are with Keti, George and their Mother - she was having a hard time saying goodbye to both of them at the same time - but she was very proud of them.
Keti and George with all of our Georgian Missionaries who really helped to teach them.
The escalator was not working - so we have an elevator 'last shot' - and they are on their way!

The Pratts are here!

 On August 29th Elder and Sister Pratt finally made it to Tbilisi.  We are so excited to have them here.  We have been skyping with them over the past 3 months and it was like meeting old friends.  This picture is taken outside our church building where we have our new signs with the Church name in Georgian and English.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


While on our mission, Christy and all her kids skyped us to say they were expecting another baby.  They were all so excited and she would be here in September - after we got home.  Well, we extended and sadly missed the birth - BUT - through modern technology - we were able to see Mom, Dad and baby just minutes after she was born!  On September 16th (just after talking with us on skype!)  Anabelle Rose Holt came into this world.
 Her big sister Abby was there to hold her - this is a picture of my oldest and youngest grand children!

I am so thankful for all of our children and grand children.  We are so very blessed!