Saturday, December 22, 2012


We drove to Yerevan where we had an interview with Pres. and Sister Carter.  They thanked us for all we had done and we talked about our mission.  Then Pres. Carter gave each of us a blessing - it was a teary time.  Then we went to dinner with the other missionaries that were going home.  We started with a little Christmas celebration with the Elders  
AND the Sisters!

 Then we went to the Eyre's apartment where we had a little party with the other senior couples - Eyres, Reeses, Stones and Readings.  Ruben was picking us up at 2:30 am - so we really thought there was no point in going to sleep.  We played Jenga and talked with the Eyres!
We said our goodbyes at the airport and headed out.  Here is Ruben and Elder Reese eating the last 2 chocolate chip cookies.  They were waiting at the airport to pick up the 14 new missionaries that were coming in on the plane that we were leaving on - and so it goes!

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