Saturday, December 22, 2012

Time to go

On Monday we had our bags all packed and ready to go.
 Alexandria came over to say goodbye and I gave her the journal that we had put some pictures in.
We then went to the Pratts apartment to meet the Loveridges who are going to stay in Tbilisi because the Pratts went back to Canada for a medical emergency.  We showed them around Ortachella.  Then we got together with the Eyres and we went on a McDonalds progressive dinner.  Tbilisi has 4 McD's and Yerevan has none - so we went to each of them.  We had salad at the first, chicken nuggets at the second, hamburger and fries at the third and ice cream at the last.  Ruben met us there and we drove slowly down Rustavelli to see all the Christmas lights.
Ruben picked us up at 7:30 Tuesday morning ( Alexandria was there!) and when we went to get the other Elders we found ALL our missionaries had come to say goodbye - OK - this is where we lost it.  It was really hard to go!

We served with the BEST missionaries - the STARS of the mission as Pres. Reese always called them.  We have been truly blessed.

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